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We are looking for men and women who are determined to carve out a better life for themselves and their families. Becoming a pro carpenter or millwright is your ticket to not just a job — but a rewarding career. Get the wages and respect you deserve. Join us!

What is a Carpenter?


Carpentry is one of the oldest and most needed trades. It is only continuing to grow as more people buy homes and office buildings and perform renovations. Carpenters work with many different tools and materials to build homes, multi-family dwellings, schools, businesses, skyscrapers, roadways, and bridges. Almost every building you see was at some point worked on by a Carpenter. It is certainly a life long career path to choose, especially if you enjoy building, constructing and using tools.

What is a Millwright?


Millwrights are a more elite group of workers who deal mainly with metal and machinery equipment requiring precision. Millwrights need a love for machine tools and precision instruments, detailed work habits and a good eye for the “perfect fit”, and general mathematics skills. In some cases, Millwrights work with specifications that require tolerances to a thousandth of an inch. They are considered skilled construction mechanics, which study and interpret blue prints before drilling, welding, bolting or whatever may be needed to ensure the machine is in perfect working order.

Skilled Millwrights install escalators, giant electrical turbines and generators. They also install and perform maintenance on machinery in factories and handle much of the precision work in nuclear power plants.

What is an Interior Systems Carpenter?

Interior Systems

This is a growing field, offering challenges to many young people just entering the construction trade(s), involving the installation of a variety of factory-produced systems and construction materials in commercial buildings and public structures. Specialized skills are used as they assemble complex interior systems using technical data supplied by the manufacturers. From acoustical ceiling systems to metal doors, jambs and hardware, an Interior Systems Carpenter is the vanguard in modular construction methods.